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Cashew kernels are obtained by shelling the cashew nut and peeling the skin. The kernels should be dry and having characteristic shape. According to grade designation they can be either scorched or unscorched, wholes or piece, free from oil of cashew shell and silk. The percentage of kernels which are still attach the silk skin less than 1% and diameter of pieces attached silk skin is less than 1mm.
Cashew kernels shall be completely free from living insects, moulds, from rodent contamination insects damage, visible to the naked eye or free from magnification in necessary cases.Cashew kernels shall have natural smell, and free from rancid smell or any other unframed smell.
Moisture content : The cashew kernelsshall have a moisture content not greater than 5% calculate in mass.
Less 5% lower grade mixed in packing grade of cashew kernels.
Our cashews are processed without using of any chemicals. The cashew kernels are classified according to grade specifications.
Grade of white wholekernels
Grade Grade Designation Number of kernels perkg Number of kernel perLB Requirement
1 W180 265-395 120-180 The cashew nuts kernel should be white, pale ivory or light ash gray incolour free from black or brown spots
2 W210 440-465 200-210
3 W240 485-530 220-240
4 W280 575-620 260-280
5 W320 660-705 300-320
6 W400 770-880 350-400
7 W450 880-990 400-500
8 W500 990-1100 450-500
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